When browsing and searching tor.stackexchange.com I found myself hitting the Cloudflare wall and also infrequently having to select pictures of salad to identify myself as a person and not a robot. What if I am indeed a robot? Isn't that discriminatory?

All joking aside, isn't there some quantity of irony here that a Stack Exchange site revolving around the use of Tor and the Tor browser bundle constantly has its security mechanisms tripped if you use said software to access the site?

Also, I just got a warning that I could only post once a day "due to spam coming from my network." Seriously? Like, seriously?

I understand that Cloudflare may offer the site operators uptime and security defenses, but due to the number of complaints/questions on this Stack Exchange dealing with Cloudflare's broken CAPTCHAs, something I came here to investigate as well, I don't think that is good form.

For those who haven't realized it yet, you can generate a new circuit to get through to the site, since the offending thing is an IP and the new circuit gives you a new IP to the Cloudflare site. I have only gotten through 1 or 2 Cloudflare CAPTCHAs and been presented with many and wound up giving up on going to the site. Some people claim that it requires scripts from Google, maybe that's why I never got it to work.


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I think that proper solution for this situation will be the creation of hi-security HTTPS entrance for whole StackExchange network in Tor on dot-onion address. It will be right, because an existing infrastructure seems to be just fine, except weak HTTPS.


A question substantially similar to yours was answered by another CM on the network meta a year and a half ago, and the answer there should apply here as well (although I imagine you won't like it). The most salient bit:

don't use Tor ... Tor is a fine tool, but like any tool it was designed for a specific purpose: if you think using it for every day browsing is a good idea, you either have very specific needs... Or you're using it wrong.

(removal of original emphasis is mine; outside of the original context, it would have just looked unnecessarily harsh)

If it makes you feel any better, we're not working on implementing the request Can SE block actions from Tor exit nodes? either.

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    The part of that answer quoted here is absolutely wrong. There are a number of reasons to use Tor and using it for everyday browsing is a fine one: doing so can provide anonymity for the user and provides cover for other users who need that cover.
    – jah
    Mar 2, 2016 at 15:09
  • Most of the problem is due to Cloudflare, not this site specifically. However, if this type of attitude (flippancy might be a good word) is indicative of the Tor SE management, then i question the reason for even having a Tor SE, or why i should use this. Aug 15, 2016 at 13:13

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