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I found a question that is a mix of two different questions. Is it a duplicate?

The question How to change country in Mac OS X? is asking how to find the Torrc for MacOS X and how to change the Torrc file to only have exit nodes from a specific country. However, there are answers ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Closing abandoned questions

I noticed that we have quite a few abandoned questions. Just go to the end of and you'll find questions where user input is needed/was ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Is this question about Tor's safety too broad?

This question asks "Is tor still as safe as it was before the takedown of Silk Road?" and seems fairly open-ended to me. I think any answers would be relatively speculative. Whilst the question is a ...
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Should we close 6417?

The Q&A page has a question »Why does my Tor talk to«. Sebastian tried to answer it and in the comments it turned out that the user has a cracked version of Adobe. I think that ...
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  • 8,570