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Promoting Tor on Project for Awesome

I'm planning on promoting Tor in the upcoming Project for Awesome 2014. Within my video, I plan on pointing people to this site, but linking to the site tour/rules first. Here is the script for the ...
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Should we promote good questions on the Tor Weekly Newsletter?

The Tor Project releases a weekly update on both a mailing list and the blog, summarising what's happened in terms of development and the community. The newsletter is written by volunteers from the ...
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Should we use Twitter to announce questions and good answers?

I saw that other SE sites have a Twitter account and announce questions or high voted answers. Should we do the same with Tor.SE? If yes, what should be twittered?
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How to promote the site at a local crypto party?

Short question, what would the best way to promote the site at a local crypto party?
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Is this question about recommending .onion sites on topic?

Question of-the topic: The title says it all! Do you guys know any good/interesting .onion domains? I ...
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How to promote the public beta?

I consider the the following two questions outdated. Please consider closing them as duplicates of this one. Their discussion drifted, because tor.stackexchange was still in private beta. Let's start ...
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We need more people coming to the site! [duplicate]

The visits per day and questions per day have been steadily dropping since day one. While the questions per day drop is to be expected, and normal, the visits per day is falling a little too fast. ...
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