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I found a question that is a mix of two different questions. Is it a duplicate?

The question How to change country in Mac OS X? is asking how to find the Torrc for MacOS X and how to change the Torrc file to only have exit nodes from a specific country. However, there are answers ...
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Can you ask questions about darknets other than Tor?

Does the Tor Stack Exchange site accept questions about other darknets such as I2P, Freenet, etc. What is the site's policy on questions about other darknets? For reference, the site says: Tor Stack ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Should the question regarding PHP on Tor be closed because it is off-topic?

The main site has a question with the title "can php be used on Tor". In my opinion this question is not about Tor itself, but more about a misconfiguration of PHP or the webserver. So I would tend to ...
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Is it possible to ask a question on anonymously?

I would like to ask a question but I am concerned about it and would prefer to ask it anonymously. Is this possible?
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