On Tor beta I just posted a question about whether it is possible to avoid the final plaintext link beyond the exit nodes.

  • Install something on the server that provides the hidden service


  • Install a hidden service directly inside what looks like an exit node.

Another would be to force the hidden service to stay inside Tor entirely, to avoid getting caught by using Captcha on the clearnet within a hidden service.

So this question is whether this is the appropriate place to discuss fundamental changes of architecture?

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Thanks for your question. The StackExchange sites are thought to be Q&A sites which means a question leads to one or more answers. They're not for discussing things. There is a Chat where things can be discussed.

However if you want to make changes to Tor's architecture I'd recommend to get in touch with Tor's developers. That is either via IRC or via mail to tor-dev@. Both ways allow you to discuss your ideas directly and to get feedback from developers.

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