I've just seen Why does Tor Browser use Firefox? pop up in the Low Quality Posts queue and marked it as too broad. After having second thoughts I went back to have a second look.

canonizing ironize not only gave a good answer, but also edited down the original question (which was a ramble) into concise & relevant query. Seeing them together I think: should I reopen the question?

What do the rest of you think? I see a few answers:

  • Leave it closed.
  • Reopen it.
  • Ask for the question to be expanded before reopening.
  • Ask canonizing ironize to submit as a new question.

I don't know if it really need expansion, but y'all could argue otherwise. As for submitting as a new question, I'm only thinking that it might be more "fair" for the person who actually formatted the sensible question to reap the benefit of any upvotes it earns.

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I think the answer completes the question. The question might be short, but I think the answer is good. So I vote for reopening it..

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