This help center article about what's on topic could use a little love:


If anyone wants to discuss what it should say here, or wants to make some modifications, that would be great.


Here what comes first to my mind:

  • Questions about how Tor works
  • Installation of Tor or TorBrowserBundle
  • Questions related to running and/or configuring Tor on different platforms and OSes
  • Issues concerning using Tor, TorBrowserBundle, OrBot, etc
  • Questions about Tor affiliated software
  • Questions about ISPs regarding allowing and censoring Tor
  • Linux distros or other software that is based around Tor, such as Tails, Whonix, etc
  • Questions regarding Tor bridges and pluggable transports
  • Questions related to Internet services or websites that can/cannot be accessed through Tor
  • Questions about privacy and anonymity in Tor context

What should be considered off-topic:

  • Questions and recommendation requests of particular hidden services
  • Questions about privacy and anonymity that are not related to Tor
  • Anything else not related to Tor

What's in between:

  • Tor-related programming questions that need help in how to make a piece of code work with Tor or implement some of Tor functionalities, and questions about Tor libraries. Some lines should be drawn here to decide what's on-topic and what's not.

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