Looking at any specific user at Users menu, one would observe an statement declaring the following:

top x% this month

top y% this quarter

top z% this year


top k% overall

What does these statements mean? top k% overall of what?

What criteria is it based on?

Can somebody elaborate on and explain these statements?


These statements are based on reputation of a single user. When someone up- or downvotes an answer or a question the reputation of one or more users changes. StackExchange maintains a list of user reputations. This is divided into

You can see who has best reputation within a period. On each page there is a small table on the right hand-side which shows you the reputation change in terms of users. I think the 'top X% this PERIOD' numbers comes from a calculation using numbers from this table.

  • During PERIOD, X% of users had greater or equal reputation gain than you.
    – Jobiwan
    Sep 19 '14 at 15:49

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