My observation indicates that comments can not be deleted in https mode in tor.Stackexchange.com Web page. One need to go to unsecured mode to be able to delete a comment. Have anybody else observed this phenomenon? If so what is the problem?


The problem is that not all of our APIs and endpoints are fully ready for SSL. While almost everything works, and works well, there's a few things left that have to be finished before we call it officially supported.

It's not just throwing more certs at things, when you get into load balanced / highly available setups like the one we have, then add socket servers and the like on top of it to enable all the real-time stuff, a lot of core code that wasn't written anticipating TLS has to be revisited.

It shouldn't be long, though :)

  • Dear, would you please announce it when it is done.
    – Roya
    Aug 9 '14 at 16:28

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