I have no idea why someone delete my question:


I'm trying to recovery text, to rebuild it somehow to send to arma. I discovery for myself that there is no cache. Google cache too empty, archive.org - empty.

Every other stackexchange's branchs keeps deleted post for user, to have option to rebuild it.

Could somebody provide me with solution around stackexchange, How can I retrive my question(post) in raw text?

Looks like something works wrong:

I'm ask the same question on tor.stackexchange.com, than delete it, there is nothing in the deleted recent answers

Deleted Recent Answers

No deleted recent answers


On my personal page.

And nothing in the questions

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You question was down-voted and closed as unclear what you're asking by Feb, 3rd. The Community decided to delete the question ten days later. Thatswhy you couldn't see it anymore. I copied the text to a paste. Please load the text from this site. I hope this helps you to move your proposal forward.

  • I'm asking about stackexchange default functionality. This should be available in my personal page, is not? Commented Mar 24, 2014 at 14:24

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