I suspect that this question might be off topic here as it's not really about Tor. I'm unsure if there's a better SE to ask Firefox related questions on.

Anyone have thoughts? Please vote to close if you think it's off topic.


I actually up-voted the question since it asks about how to improve SSL/TLS connections within Tor Browser without affecting anonymity. The idea that a different TLS setting and different cipher list could be used to fingerprint a user is certainly on-topic, so asking how to improve that within Tor Browser without making your fingerprint stand out would seem a valid question to me.

  • I think you're absolutely right; it didn't sound to me as if that's what he was asking, but maybe we should leave it to allow for those kinds of answers. – Sam Whited Feb 5 '14 at 13:33

From my impression the questions fits better to security.SE. I was also thinking about crypto.SE, but the question doesn't deal with cryptography itself.

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