There is a questions about potential medorators. It exists for some time now and as far as I saw it no new nominations were added. According to a blog entry the nomination lasts seven days. So from my understanding the next step are elections. Is there a fixed timetable when they start? Do we have to take action and if yes, what do we have to do?

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Elections only take place once a site graduates, a beta site has pro-tempore moderators that are appointed by SE. These appointments usually take place a week or two after the start of the public beta, so they should happen pretty soon.

  • This is correct. The selection process is underway. Commented Oct 21, 2013 at 16:43

As I understand it, moderators pro tempore are appointed by SE, not elected. We will hold our elections once we have matured and can graduate out of beta.

Robert's blog post seems to support this understanding.

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